First PAC Meeting of the year!

Updated: Jan 27

Our first PAC meeting will be on Thursday, September 29th at 7pm.

This will be a virtual meeting via zoom (check the September Newsletter from the Mr. Wall for the link to the meeting).


  1. Call to order & welcome

  2. Approval of agenda

  3. Approval of previous general meeting minutes (November 25, 2021 - can be found on the Taylor Park Elementary PAC website

  4. Principal’s Report

  5. Chair’s Report

  6. DPAC Rep, Vice-Chair and any other volunteers for the PAC?

  7. Zoom or in-person meetings? What are people comfortable with?

  8. Fundraising: let’s get back to it! Some ideas for discussion:

  9. Fruit/ vegetable boxes (Sept – Nov) - too late for this year.

  10. Purdy’s (best before Xmas)

  11. Freezie days (can we do this again?)

  12. Silent auction of local businesses

  13. Adopt-a-family (Xmas)

  14. Reminder about Cobs

  15. Other fundraisers and events.

  16. Wildlife cameras – how many? Need help installing?Treasurer’s Report

  17. Motions: Some motions anticipated depending on spending requests brought up at the meeting.

  18. New Business

  19. Motion to Adjourn

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