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PAC AGM & The PAC needs you!

Updated: May 30

The Taylor Park PAC needs you!

What is the Taylor Park PAC? The Taylor Park PAC (Parent’s Advisory Committee) represents all the families of Taylor Park Elementary in discussions with the school. We are the unified voice of the parents for the school administration. We work together to help make Taylor Park a great place to be.

Who is a member of the PAC? All parents or guardians of a child attending Taylor Park are automatically members of the PAC. That means you have a vote at all the meetings!

What is the PAC Executive? The PAC Executive is a group of parents who build the PACs budgets, hosts meetings, and organizes PAC events and fundraisers. The PAC Exec presents the budget and all spending resolutions throughout the year at regularly scheduled PAC meetings.

What are some of the things the PAC has funded?

Here are some of the things your PAC has done over the past couple of years:

  • Three movie nights to have fun and build community (and next year we'd like to do more)

  • Fundraising events to allow for school events and initiatives such as:

  • Contributing $12,000 towards the school-wide Indigenous Art project

  • Helping fund grade 7 leaving events

  • Helping pay for guitars, drums and audio equipment in the gym ($6000)

  • Providing $100 for each classroom for expenses

  • Providing field trip funding ($10 for each student each year)

  • Contributing $16,000 for playground improvements (Swings in front of school including an accessible swing set – installation in August!)

  • Distributing local fruit and vegetables to the students regularly as part of Agriculture in the Classroom

  • Providing input on school events, school goals, current issues and ensuring there are lots of opportunities for our students to participate in clubs, music and sport programs

  • And much, much more!

We need your help! The PAC needs volunteers to function. Currently we only have a small handful of people on the PAC Exec, and we desperately need to fill out our ranks. Without more people the PAC won’t be able to do any significant fundraising and be able to continue to do support many events such as the ones listed above.

How to join: If you’d like to join the PAC Exec or simply learn more about it, come to the PAC General Meeting via Zoom on Thursday, May 30th at 7pm. It’s a great way to meet other parents, get the inside track about what’s happening at your school, and most importantly help Taylor Park continue to be a great place for kids to grow!

What are the positions on the PAC Exec?


  • Chairs P.A.C. meetings

  • Calls and chairs executive meeting

  • Ensures that an agenda is prepared

  • Makes sure that meetings are conducted in an orderly fashion

  • Ensures that Council activities are aimed at achieving the purposes set out in the constitution


  • Assists the Chair where necessary

  • Chairs P.A.C. meetings when the Chair cannot attend


  • Keeps accurate minutes and attendance records at meetings

  • Makes minutes available prior to monthly council meetings


  • Keeps accurate records of funds, receipts and expenditures

  • Follows guidelines for finances outlined in the constitution

  • Provides a report at each PAC meeting


  • Attends meetings of Burnaby DPAC and, speaks and votes on behalf of our PAC


  • The title says it all! No specific portfolio but helps steer the ship with the rest of the PAC Exec.

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